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Obsessed with Vertigo

James Stewart, Kim Novak, in Alfred Hitchcock's Masterpiece Vertigo

  • If you ask a Hitchcock fan what his/her favorite Hitchcock film is, the most common replies you will get are either Psycho, Rear Window, and ocassionally The Birds. However, I have a different answer to that question. If it was ever asked to me, I would have to say Vertigo. As a matter of fact, I am obsessed with the film! And that is why I have created this website... to make a fan dedication to a movie masterpiece. Now, this film has received mixed reactions from critics and the public; I mean, when the movie was first released in 1958, critics practically shunned it! They called it "perverse", and "disgusting". However, as time progressed this classic finally received the positive acknowledgement it deserved. In fact, it is on the American Film Institution's list of top 100 movies. So what's so great about Vertigo?, you may be asking. Well, by browsing my website you will discover the reasons for my obsession and may just become obsessed yourself!


  • July 1, 2001:
    - My site has been up and running for a week now, and I made my first up-dates. I added background music to this main page, and I also added 10 new pictures. To view these, click here.

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